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Welcome to Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics

We are passionate about helping children attain and sustain adaptive, healthy and positive behaviors. We focus on overall health and wellness using an interdisciplinary, integrative, under-one-roof approach to addressing each child’s issues.

Children develop at their own pace with most passing a set of predictable milestones along the way, including physical development, social and emotional development, thinking skills and communication skills. These areas overlap, with development in one area reinforced and enhanced by growth in others. An individual child may develop more quickly in one area than another.

The intersection between a child’s development, behavior, and emotional and physical health is the province of developmental and behavioral pediatrics. Is a baby extraordinarily fussy and difficult to comfort? Is a preschooler having “accidents” long past potty training? Does a grade schooler have difficulty focusing and paying attention in class? How is chronic illness affecting a young teen’s readiness for high school?

Any of these issues are a valid reason for consulting with your child’s pediatrician. If concerns persist or the pediatrician advises it, a consultation by a developmental and behavioral specialist may be in order. At Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics, a comprehensive team including a pediatrician, licensed clinical psychologists, board certified behavior analysts, master’s level clinicians and occupational therapists provides in-patient and out-patient care to assist families and primary care physicians. The team works collaboratively in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of a broad range of developmental, behavioral, learning and genetic disorders in children and adolescents (birth to 22 years of age).

Keystone focuses on the whole child – physically, mentally, socially, behaviorally and developmentally – to offer parents/caregivers one source to help meet all of their child’s needs.

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Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics works with children who have all types of behavior issues and learning challenges related to more than 40 diagnoses and disorders.

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Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics has recently been awarded with the 2015 Patients’ Choice Award

Top 10 Psychology Clinics in Jacksonville, FL 2016

Jill Driest PHD and Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics have been recognized as one of the top Jacksonville psychology practices.
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Upcoming Events and Activities:

Keystone’s 2016 Summer Programming is designed with your child in mind

Consider enrolling your children in one of Keystone’s summer programs, with camps for both typically developing children and children with special needs. We’ll make sure that your child is safe, healthy, entertained and engaged in learning this summer!

Therapy groups improve children’s coping and social skills

Children improve peer relations through conversation, play skills, anxiety reduction, understanding appropriate boundaries, problem-solving skills, anger management, teamwork and coping skills. Call 904.619.6071, email or complete an application to learn more!

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