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Welcome to Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics

Our team consists of highly trained, medical, behavioral and developmental professionals who collaborate with each other to seek the best possible outcomes for each child. We understand that children’s development and behavior happen first and foremost in the context of the family. We seek to understand your family’s view of the problem and the effect of your child’s issues on your family. We advocate for our patients with developmental and behavioral problems by working closely with schools, preschools and other agencies involved with developmental care and education. The goal is to establish an individualized plan of care that is appropriate to all of the developmental needs and sensitivities of your child.

We specialize in comprehensive, collaborative, integrated healthcare for all children, from birth to 22 years old.

In addition to evaluation and clinical care consultations, Keystone also recommends therapies (physical, occupational, and speech), tutoring and family support services. Keystone offers one-stop access to all developmental, learning, behavioral  and social-emotional services, including pediatrics and medication management, both in-patient in its central offices at 6867 Southpoint Drive N, Jacksonville, Florida 32216 and out-patient.

Why choose Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics

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ASQ Developmental Pre-Screening Survey Identifies Issues Early, Targets Success through Change

ASQKeystone Behavioral Pediatrics knows that getting help early can lead to the best outcomes for kids. Developmental, learning, behavioral and social-emotional issues are estimated to affect one in every six children. Because these issues are often very subtle in young children, only 20-30 percent are identified as needing help before kindergarten.

If your child is between 1 month and 5½ years old, you are invited to complete an ASQ Developmental Pre-Screening Survey by clicking here. A completed ASQ also entitles your child to a FREE, comprehensive screening beyond what is monitored at a typical one-year well check.


Keystone Child Development Center’s Before- and After-School Enrichment Membership Program

Our new After-School Enrichment Membership Program provides a variety of fun and educational classes for kids, ages 3-8 years old, in one location for one all-inclusive price of $110 per month. Enrollment is open to community children, in addition to students of KCDC and their siblings.

Children and their parents are able to pick and choose from a variety of experiences throughout the year, from painting to yoga, Spanish, cooking, exercise, cooking and more. Classes are designed to enhance “the whole child,” including health and wellness, creativity, social skills, manners and much more!

Enroll your child by visiting MINDBODY on your computer and/or downloading and using the free MINDBODY app on your iPad or iPhone or Android cell phone.

Address: 6867 Southpoint Drive North, Jacksonville, FL 32216
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