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Family meeting at Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics in Jacksonville discussing child therapyOur goal at Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics is to help children attain and sustain adaptive, healthy and positive behaviors using the principles of clinical psychology, preventative medicine and rehabilitation.

  • We serve children with special needs. Our goal is to holistically serve each child and family by focusing on overall health and wellness, rather addressing each symptom or diagnosis independently.
  • We take an interdisciplinary, integrative, under-one-roof approach to addressing your child’s issues, which minimizes the need for you to take your child to multiple appointments and locations.
  • At the same time, we believe in working collaboratively with your other providers and services, as necessary, to achieve the best results.
  • Parent coaching is a unique part of our treatment package. Our philosophy is based on the belief that parents/caregivers are the primary therapists in a child’s life.
  • Our approaches are based on sound, empirical research and scientifically proven results.
  • We provide services in settings that work best for families – in our clinic, in your home, if transportation or distance is a problem, or remotely, if you live outside the Jacksonville area.
  • We have staff trained in helping children with physical disabilities, such as spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy and other physical limitations, with the goal of developing or improving skill and strength or offering creative modifications and/or adaptations for carrying out age-appropriate activities.
  • We provide assessment and treatment on an outpatient and day treatment basis to hospitals, interdisciplinary treatment providers and other community-based programs.

Areas of specialty include clinical psychology, special education, rehabilitative medicine, neurobehavioral pediatrics and co-morbid diagnoses. Treatment focuses on skill acquisition and significantly decreasing or eliminating target behaviors. Age ranges include 12 months through 22 years of age.

Address: 6867 Southpoint Drive North, Jacksonville, FL 32216
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