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Welcome to Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics

We are passionate about helping children attain and sustain adaptive, healthy and positive behaviors. Our pediatric therapists are trained in the principles of clinical psychology, preventative medicine and rehabilitation to holistically serve each child and family. We focus on overall health and wellness using an interdisciplinary, integrative, under-one-roof approach to addressing each child’s issues.

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 Are you struggling with these or similar issues?

“Why does my child struggle to focus on the task at hand?”

“My child refuses to eat.”

“My child is a ‘picky eater’.”

“My child’s tantrums are too frequent and sometimes out of control.”

“How can I keep completing homework from being such a nightmare for my child and me?”

“My child has sleep issues.”

“My child’s guidance counselor says he should be tested for ADHD or autism.”

“I am concerned about my child’s development.”

“My child has difficulty understanding requests or communicating wants/needs appropriately?”

“How do I know if my child needs speech therapy?”

Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics works with children who have all types of behavior issues and learning challenges related to more than 40 diagnoses and disorders.

Contact us to learn how pediatric behavior therapy may help your child and you!



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