Keystone offers Free Developmental Screenings Targeting Birth to Five Years


Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics is offering community infants and toddlers from 1 month to age 5½ free comprehensive screenings to help parents identify as early as possible any physical or developmental issues that children may have. Study after study has shown that the earlier a delay is recognized and intervention is begun, the better chance a child has to substantially improve. Developmental screening is one of the best things you can do to ensure a child’s success in school and life.

Parents are invited to complete an ASQ Developmental Pre-Screening Survey, which involves answering a series of simple questions regarding your child’s abilities (for example, “Does your child climb on an object such as a chair to reach something he wants?” or “When your child wants something does she tell you by pointing to it?”).

Parents’ answers to the screening go directly to Keystone for therapists to identify any possible concerns. Then, parents are scheduled to bring their child in for a 1-hour session that includes free screenings by a licensed child psychologist, pediatric occupational therapist, pediatric speech/language therapist and pediatrician trained in developmental growth. Parents who participate will have access to a number of free resources about developmental stages to anticipate and ways to help their child.

Keystone CEO and child psychologist Katie Falwell, Ph.D. and RJ Navarro, Keystone’s director of rehabilitative medicine and occupational therapist, were recently interviewed on WJXT’s The Morning Show about the importance of early intervention and the Right from the Start Clinic.

Dr. Katherine Falwell

Dr. Katherine Falwell, founder and CEO of Keystone, focuses on the whole child and making sure that each child has the best chance of success.

Contact or 904.619.6071 for more information.

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