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Keystone’s goal is to work collaboratively with schools, community centers and health care organizations to build skills and expertise. We work with you to identify child, team and organizational goals and to generate effective solutions to improve progress and continuity of care. Our wide range of consultation services includes:

Medical Consultation

Therapists provide consultation to allied health professionals in a variety of inpatient and outpatient pediatric settings and various schools and community health care facilities. Licensed psychologists and affiliated staff with special expertise in pediatric psychology and behavior analysis coordinate services with multidisciplinary health care, rehabilitation and educational teams. Direct clinical services are provided to children and adolescents with a wide range of medical problems, along with their families and caregivers. Services include:

  • Evaluation and treatment of child/adolescent difficulties with behavior, psychosocial adjustment or emotional regulation related to medical problems or health care procedures
  • Use of behavioral techniques to help avoid reliance on sedation or anesthesia for motion control or behavior management during medical procedures
  • Use of behavioral techniques to supplement medical management of pain, anxiety and distress associated with medical disorders, tests and treatments
  • Helping medical providers and families adjust and adhere to prescribed medical treatments and self-care routines including taking medicine, repeated blood tests, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, transfusions, dialysis, bowel and bladder management, restricted diet, exercise programs, wearing glasses or hearing aids, wound care, dressing changes, intravenous catheter insertion, etc.

School Consultation

Keystone provides consultation and training for both private schools and public school districts to better serve children with behavior disorders. School consultants provide a variety of behavioral consultation services within the school setting aimed at both increasing students’ appropriate skills and decreasing problem behaviors.

These services include direct assessments, treatments for problem behaviors and other educational needs. The school consultants also provide training to school staff members about many educational and behavioral topics. This training will increase the capacity of the school staff to improve services for children with disabilities.

Consultation services are not directly provided to a student, but these services are provided to teachers and other school staff to help guide their classroom services. Consultation includes:

  • Monitoring students’ progress and the staff’s procedural integrity when implementing behavioral procedures with the student
  • Assisting school staff in recording and interpreting data for educational and behavioral programming
  • Assisting school staff or administrators with individualized Individual Education Plan (IEP) preparation and attending IEP meetings.

By consulting with school staff, our team helps teachers and administrators design intervention strategies for students that take each school’s resources into account, developing case-specific solutions to complex problems that can be further applied to other students.

Inclusion Partnerships

Developed in collaboration with private school administrators, Keystone has partnered with multiple local schools with the goal of bringing high-quality support services to children who benefit from inclusion in general education classrooms.

Although classroom teachers have a range of curricular and instructional skills, educating some students in inclusive classrooms requires contributions from professionals representing a variety of disciplines. The need for the services of support personnel in inclusive classrooms is not a negative reflection on the adequacy of the classroom teacher or the school. Instead, it acknowledges that no single individual, regardless of discipline or experience, has the ability to meet the range of diverse student needs that may be present in a heterogeneous classroom. One of the most significant contributions any educational team member can make is to identify and build on an individual student’s strengths and gifts to form a basis for future success in personal, academic and vocational pursuits.

Our inclusion partnership model focuses on working with private schools to develop a comprehensive classroom that meets the standards of best clinical practices. In addition to providing high-quality educational services, inclusion partnership classrooms allow students to be successfully included in private general education settings while also building the skill set of school staff.

The model includes the following components:

  • A flexible educational model designed to teach children to reach their full potential
  • Classroom shadowing support
  • Weekly clinical supervision from an experienced Board Certified Behavior Analyst®
  • Ongoing mentorship and training for all classroom staff
  • Collaboration across all areas of student programming including inclusion in general education classrooms, skill acquisition programming, behavior reduction programming and parent training

Keystone Behavioral PediatricsTraining Services

Training topics vary depending on the specific needs. Training typically centers on the following topics, but can include implementation instructions for a variety of behavioral and educational topics either for individuals or for all children:

  • Differential diagnoses of autism and related disorders
  • Working with children with autism and related disorders
  • ABA and verbal behavior teaching methods
  • Use and administration of the ABLLS, VB-MAPP, AFLS and ESDM
  • Behavioral management, behavioral assessment and behavioral intervention
  • Classroom setup for effective behavioral management and increased academic engagement
  • Positive behavioral supports
  • Assistance with RTI (Response to Intervention)
  • Functional behavioral assessments
  • Behavior management plans
  • IEP development
  • Inclusion
  • Social skills assessment and training
  • Functional communication training
  • ABA curriculum development and supervision
  • Social skills
  • ADHD and executive functioning
  • Pharmacology

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