Department of Rehabilitative Medicine

Director of Rehabilitative Medicine: RJ Navarro, OT, cNDT

About Our Program

Keystone’s Pediatric Rehabilitative Medicine Department uses an interdisciplinary approach to address the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and management of congenital and childhood onset physical impairments that includes an understanding of the life course of disability. These may be related or secondary medical, physical, functional, psycho-social, cognitive and vocational limitations or conditions.

Our program collaborates with other agencies and organizations to serve children with disabilities. Child/family involvement in support groups and educational programs is encouraged, when appropriate. Together with children and family members, the staff of the Department of Rehabilitative Medicine serves as an advocate for disabled children with the goal of helping each child achieve the highest level of independent functioning possible.

Our Team Of Professionals

Rehabilitative medicine provides the body with the opportunity to participate in functional tasks. Keystone Rehabilitative Medicine staff works as a highly trained, interdisciplinary team that provides techniques and strategies designed to facilitate rehabilitation where skill has been lost due to injury and rehabilitation where skills need to be acquired and developed.

We provide early intervention, interdisciplinary assessments and treatments up to age 22. Our team of professionals provide speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapy and nursing specializing in nutrition. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates with clients, parents and/or caregivers to set observable and measurable goals that focus on reaching the greatest functional ability as possible.

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