Keystone Child Development Center

“Right from the Start!”


Keystone Child Development Center provides education-based care to children from 3 months through kindergarten in age-appropriate programs.


Philosophy and Mission:

Our mission is to provide a safe, nurturing and stimulating early care education environment to promote each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development. Keystone Child Development Center (KCDC) strongly believes in the diversity of every child’s learning style. We continually adjust our interactions to accommodate each child’s learning style, needs and interests. Our curriculum is both teacher-directed and child-initiated. This provides opportunities for individual exploration which leads to higher-order thinking and discoveries. In this way, KCDC supports the intellectual, social and behavioral success of each child, right from the start!

KCDC is a leader in early childhood care in the greater Jacksonville area by:

  • Offering the highest quality care, from basic needs through intellectual and emotional development
  • Providing a nurturing and stimulating learning environment that fosters the development of independence and interdependence in each child
  • Individualizing instruction for each child using the latest research in the areas of child development and early childhood education
  • Creating a process-oriented learning atmosphere that supports our students’ enthusiasm for the learning process
  • Utilizing formative and summative assessments to direct teaching and learning decisions
  • Promoting active participation in all learners by encouraging children to take part in all aspects of their day, including the preparation and clean-up of activities
  • Encouraging ongoing family involvement by providing a variety of opportunities for collaboration and participation in daily and special school events

Let us be a part of your family:

One of KCKFamDC’s foundations is family involvement; we believe that this is a critical element in the success of early childhood care programs. Research indicates that when families play an active role in their child’s learning, remarkable gains are made for both family and child. Some of these notable gains include increases in quality of life outcomes, child language and social development. These gains increase families’ sense of confidence and relieve family stress. KCDC believes that family members are the real experts when it comes to their children. We provide a learning community where our school professionals and the family can work to create a meaningful and memorable learning experience that bridges the boundaries between home
and school.

KCDC commits to constant communication with the families of our students. Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, parents will be able to get a real-time feed of activities their child participates in throughout the school day and much more through brightwheel, a computer application that can be downloaded on iPhone, iPad and Android. Teachers provide daily communication notes describing each child’s individual goals addressed and achieved each day. In turn, families communicate regularly with KCDC staff through communication notebooks. Families are provided with quarterly progress notes that indicate areas of strength and need for their children and meet with KCDC staff each quarter to review progress and plan for the future.

Throughout the year, KCDC hosts special school events that offer families the opportunity to come together for socialization, community support and fun! KCDC proudly offers ongoing family training and workshop opportunities presented by the Keystone staff and professionals from the Jacksonville community.