Frequently Asked Questions

What are your hours?

Keystone Child Development Center is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a m  – 6 p m.

What ages do you serve?

KCDC provides services and educational programs to children, ages 3 months through kindergarten.

Can I come observe or visit my child in class?

Yes! KCDC has an open door policy and encourages parent participation in your child’s education. We do ask that you consider the classroom schedule when scheduling a visit and communicate this with classroom and/or administrative staff. You are also welcome to schedule an appointment to meet with the KCDC directors or your child’s classroom teacher.

Are you open during the summer?

Yes, with the exception of holidays and teacher workdays on our calendar, KCDC is open 12 months a year.

I am worried about my child’s safety. How does KCDC staff ensure that students are safe?

Keystone takes our students’ safety and wellbeing very seriously. All Keystone staff members are required to wear ID badges at all times, and all visitors are required to sign in/out and wear a visitor badge. During pick-up times at the end of the day, your child will only be released to you or those you have identified on the “OK to pick-up” list you will provide for us before your child begins at KCDC.

The physical environment at Keystone has been specifically designed to meet the security needs of young children. We have taken extra precautions to ensure that your child cannot wander beyond the supervised area, both indoors and outdoors.  We keep our staff-to-student ratios low as another measure to ensure that your child is carefully supervised and cared for each day.

We use universal best-practice precautions when assisting with toileting and diapering, and we encourage frequent hand washing on the part of students and staff. Children wash their hands on a scheduled basis each day, before all meals and snacks and after all toileting visits. Toys and manipulatives are disinfected on a routine basis. Medication is only administered by the Keystone nurse, per your specifications and written instructions. If child illness is expected, we stay in close contact with the child’s parents to discourage the spread of illness among our students.

We also have a full-time registered nurse to administer first aid or prescription medications and a pediatrician who can prescribe medication and provide medication management.

How can I learn more about the curriculum you use to teach academic, social and behavioral skills?

You are always welcome to schedule a meeting with a member of the KCDC staff to learn more about the research-based programs we use.  KCDC also offers ongoing parent training workshops that will provide information and advice regarding the use of these strategies at school and at home. You can also find curriculum-specific information at the following websites.

To find out more about teaching social skills to young children, we recommend the following websites:

To learn more about the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA), which supports all of our students’ learning as well as our teachers’ instruction, you can visit the following websites:

Do you offer before- and after-care services?

Yes. We offer a variety of schedules for every age range as well as before- and after-care programs.

Can my child attend only a few days a week or a few hours a day?

Yes, we offer an hourly rate as well as a part-time rate. Part-time programs will be on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday-Thursday basis and will be approved based on availability. Full-time enrolled children will be given preference over part-time attendees in the event that classrooms are scheduled to be full.

Do you offer a tuition discount if I send more than one of my children to KCDC?

Yes, children who have a sibling who attends KCDC are entitled to a 10% tuition discount for one sibling, and 5% more for each additional sibling.

Can I schedule a visit to KCDC?

Yes, please contact us at 904-619-6071 or via email at 

Your website says that KCDC believes in ongoing training and education for its staff. How are staff trained and supervised?

At Keystone, we believe that, like our students, our staff should never stop learning.  Keystone takes the training and experience of its staff very seriously.  We provide ongoing supervision to staff; they are informally observed throughout the school year and formally observed four times per year.  Each staff member works with a supervisor to compose a list of professional development goals, and they meet on a minimum of a quarterly basis to review progress toward those goals.

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