Over the course of one year, the Speech and Language Department helped Sarah gain many new oral motor skills. Initially, she did not demonstrate the necessary functional movements of her lips, tongue or jaw that are required for feeding purposes. Because of these skill deficits, she had an inability to accept any solid food items. Sarah did not engage in sensory and oral play as a baby and therefore did not develop the prerequisite skills needed for safe consumption of solid foods. Over the course of a year, several treatment techniques were incorporated to assist Sarah in learning to use her mouth appropriately. Oral motor exercises and stretches were completed to increase her range of motion, movement and strength of her lips, tongue, cheeks and jaw. Oral motor and chewing skills improved to allow for safe consumption of a variety of pureed and solid foods. With these newly acquired skills, she began requesting solid food items and is now starting to enjoy mealtime experiences.

In another case, Jimmy was diagnosed with apraxia and was considered a non-verbal communicator. He used limited consonant and vowel sounds to babble. After six months working with Keystone therapists, Jimmy was already showing improved speech and language skills and began producing more speech sounds. Treatment strategies included Kaufman cards and PROMPT technique. Jimmy improved from having a verbal expressive vocabulary of zero words to having a vocabulary of about 10 words. He was able to move his mouth to produce sound sequences that he was previously unable to produce. After six months, Jimmy had mastered most of his initial goals and was able to move forward with verbal production. Prior to obtaining verbal skills, Jimmy utilized an Augmentative and Alternative Communication Device via a communication app to communicate his wants and needs to those around him. Jimmy is now able to verbally express his wants and needs and is no longer using an alternate means of communicating.

Mental Health:

Liam has made so much progress since he started receiving services from Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics. His goals have focused largely on increasing communication. Shortly after he began with Keystone, he started using sign language to make requests. Along with these signs, his speech has been developing quickly and his vocabulary grows each week. Additionally, Liam has shown progress with his fine motor skills, eye contact and enjoyment he shares with others. He seeks out others to play, read and laugh. It is a wonderful experience to see Liam’s progress and the joy he brings to everyone he meets.

Also, Tara has made so much progress since starting treatment! The main goals for Tara were to reduce her anxiety about social situations and the dark. She is now talking to new kids and staff without trying to hide. She no longer cries and says she can’t do it. She is able to go into a dark room without having an outburst. She uses her deep breathing and coping thoughts on her own. She has done a great job working on skills in the clinic and then practicing them at home and in the community!

And, everyone at Keystone is so proud to see the progress that Rita has made since her parents started treatment sessions! Rita’s parents have learned the skills to use to help Rita listen to instructions and follow them the first time, manage difficult emotions and stay seated and attentive. Her parents have developed an effective set of skills and are consistently using their strategies at home. Rita is doing so much better with attending, staying seated and staying calm so that she can practice her social and play skills.


Jude is a four-year-old boy referred to the Feeding Department for food refusal. At the time of referral Jude only ate snack crackers and vanilla wafers and struggled to gain weight. Any attempt to introduce Jude to new foods resulted in tantrums, gagging and vomiting. Jude worked with our team for several months and is now eating a wide variety of foods (over 20) from all of the four food groups!  Jude no longer struggles at mealtimes and is excited to see his feeding therapist. He continues to work on self-feeding and chewing but has made tremendous progress since starting the program. We are all so proud of him.

When Finn started the program he had already seen several therapists throughout the United States with no success in addressing his extreme food selectivity. Just the site of food caused Finn to gag and sometimes vomit. His mother was extremely frustrated, had little hope that Finn would ever eat a normal diet and worried about his health. Upon entering the program Finn ate crunchy snack foods exclusively. He ate no protein, vegetables or fruits. Within a week of working with our therapists he was accepting bites of yogurt. His mom was thrilled! After a few more months Finn has expanded his diet to include yogurt, applesauce, carrots, mashed potatoes, chicken and apples! Finn works hard in his sessions and in addition to eating lots of new foods, he is no longer gagging at the site of food. His mom continues to be amazed by his progress and we are all so happy to be part of his success!

Keystone Child Development Center:

Jace has made so much progress since becoming a full-time student and beginning early intervention ABA services at The Keystone Child Development Center! In the past two months, Jace has become more compliant with daily routines, shown increased interest in interacting with peers and willingly engages in group activities. Jace’s language and communication skills are soaring. He initiates conversations by pointing out and labeling everything in his environment and learns new ways to request preferred items and activities each day. We love seeing his smiling face every day and are thrilled to be a part of his journey!

Before beginning services at The Keystone Child Development Center, Landon had limited interest in his peers, little to no eye contact when interacting with others and little motivation to communicate. The inclusion model provided at KCDC has given him the opportunity to learn from his peers and motivation to express his wants and needs, while giving him the support he needs to reach his full potential. The highly devoted staff at KCDC and Keystone Behavioral Pediatrics have loved getting to know Landon and having the opportunity to watch him grow and express himself in his environment!

ABA Department:

Jon has made many gains over the last two years at Keystone. Prior to receiving services at Keystone, Jon was unable to be independent in his public school classroom due to his behavioral concerns. Over the last two years, Jon’s therapists have been working on increasing his communication and decreasing aggressive and disruptive outbursts.  Jon is now able to express his wants and needs appropriately and without engaging in target behaviors. Jon also has been taught replacement behaviors which have led to a significant decrease in Jon’s aggressive and disruptive outbursts. Jon has also made gains with social interactions with his peers and adjusting to unexpected schedule changes. We are excited to continue working with Jon and seeing him reach his potential.

Likewise, Stephanie has made much progress in her short time at Keystone. Stephanie was very limited in her interests and leisure play skills. Thanks to the therapists at Keystone, Stephanie has begun exploring new items in her environment and showing interest in her peers. Her therapists worked with her using Natural Environment Training to provide her with many opportunities to explore new toys and be with her peers. It has been a joy to watch Stephanie gain these new skills and experience new things in her world.

And, this comes from one of Keystone’s families: “Our son has made many gains at Keystone, but we have learned many skills from our parent training sessions. We enjoyed spending time with our son and doing activities as a family, but were limited in what we were able to do because of our son’s behaviors in public. Since working with the team at Keystone we have learned strategies to implement when we are out in public with our son. We have learned to respond appropriately and to teach him appropriate interactions. It has been wonderful! We are now able to take vacations as a family.  We can even take our son grocery shopping without fear of a meltdown.”

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